Nigerian Journal of Textiles
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
Causes, Frequency and Duration of Stoppages in Weaving Fabrics PP. 1-5
Authors: Iliya, E.B. and Ibrahim, A. A.
Electrical Energy Management in the Textile Industry PP. 6-8
Authors: Iliya, E.B., Giwa, A. and Ibrahim H.D
Influence of Selected Mordants and Mordanting Techniques on Eco-Friendly Dyeing of Cellulosic Fabric using Natural Flavonoid Dye Extracted from Onion Outer Scale PP. 9-14
Authors: Ukanah P.S., Gadimoh S., Salisu Z.M., Suleiman M.A., Sulaiman I.A., Chibuzo-Anakor N.C., Umar I.S., Lawal O.M. and Oddy-Obi I.C.
Ceric Induced Grafting of Acrylonitrile onto Kenaf Shive for Crude Oil Spillage Adsorbtion PP. 15-24
Authors: Salisu, Z. M, Ishiaku, S.U, Abdullahi, D, Yakubu, M.K, Diya’uddeen B.H
Nigerian Youths’ Development and Self-Reliance Through Textile Design PP. 25-27
Authors: Alesagba Ebenezer Igbekele, Muktari, S., Yusuf Onipe John, Olorunrayetan Titilayo Lizzy and Hassan Abdulrahman
Wealth Creation through Handcraft for Diversification of Family Economy PP. 61-65
Authors: Rabi Abdullahi and Hafsat Ibrahim
Processing and Evaluation of Horn Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene PP. 75-80
Authors: Dina Isa, Agbohor Victor, Abdurrahman Hassan
Effect of Coupling Agent on the Mechanical Properties of High-Density Polyethylene-Filled Calabash Particles Composites. PP. 11-16
Authors: A. B. Musa, J. BabaAli, A. Danladi, A. S. Lawal, P. A. P. Mamza
Industrial Design in Nigeria: A Mechanism for Expanding the Roles of Industrial Sector as Empowerment for Youth and National Development PP. 17-22
Authors: Alesagba Ebenezer Igbekele, Yusuf Onipe John, Olorunrayetan Titilayo Lizzy
Service Properties of Selected Locally Manufactured Carpets PP. 23-27
Authors: Ukanah P.S., Fashola K.O., Ameuru S.U., Gadimoh S. and Salisu Z.M.
Study of the Adsorption of Anionic Dye onto Activated Bone Char. PP. 42-46
Authors: Jibril, A., Bukhari, M. M., Giwa, A., and Ibrahim, H. D.
Dyeing Performance of Dyes Derived from 2-Amino Heterocycles on Leather. PP. 54-57
Authors: O.R.A. Iyun1, K.A. Bello, J.D. Putshaka, S. F. Tanko, S. Abdullahi
Production and Investigation of the Properties of Non–Disposable Diaper in Comparison with Disposable Diapers. PP. 58-61
Authors: Alebiosu, S. O., Akindiya, I. O., Adekeye, T. O., Muhammed-Raji, A., Oseghale, H. E.